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We provide services ranging from design and manufacturing to

installation and after sales support.


Our work starts from getting specifications then we decide the design and necessary materials or components. High attention is given to this design phase to ensure that our product will suit the customer requirements and budget.


Our procurement and warehouse teams will work together to check the necessary materials/components. Based on this the production team will plan the work schedule. Engineering team will also keep attention during production process to make sure all works are done following the design.


Once the products are ready we will do quality assurance then deliver to customer site and do the setup and installation based on customer request. Our team will make sure that our products will work as design to meet customer's expectation.


We will periodically follow up with our customer regarding our products. All issues will be handled in a timely manner to ensure that our customer's business will not be impacted. Additionally we always ask for feedbacks so we can keep improving our quality.

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