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Gravity Roller Light Duty

This is non-powered roller suitable for conveying light products with or without slope to assist movement in slow to moderate speed. Additionally, this can be used as storage as well such as in racks. The most cost efficient and popular solution for material handling. Various pipe materials and finishing are available for this type.

Gravity Roller Heavy Duty

This roller is for conveying heavy products and can cope with high speed movement. The pipe is thicker than the light duty model and is using ball bearing as standard model. Finishing will be galvanized or chrome. Material is steel and various options available for application to conveyor frame as required.

Driven Roller Heavy Duty

This is powered conveyor rollers to convey heavy product such as pallets or cases. Suitable for material handling solution which requires continuous movements and also direction changing, for example merging, separating, and sorting. Can be designed for straight and curved as as well. Available with single or double sprocket. Material is using steel with ball bearing. Finishing will be galvanized or chrome.

Driven Roller Light Duty

This roller type is suitable for ligh duty material handling. The power comes from o-ring which will rotate each roller. Material will be steel and using press bearing. Available in single and double slot types.

Labirynth Seal Roller

These rollers are used to support the conveyor belt and are installed on the V shape frame. They used high performance bearing and labyrinth seal to provide dust and water proof. This type is suitable for outdoor use and can stand usage under tough environment.  Material is using steel with ball bearing. Finishing will be galvanized, powder coating, and paint.

Skate Wheel

Skatewheels are usually used to move lightweight products which has firm and flat bottoms such as cases or cartons. It rolls more easily than gravity roller so it is suitable for handling small and light products.

Ball Transfer

Ball transfers allow movement in any  direction. It is suitable for material handling solution which need to rotate products or change direction freely. Commonly used in packaging or assemby point and also transfer point between conveyors.

Foot Adjuster

Very useful item to support conveyor, machine, or racks. Various types are available, ranging from light duty to heavy duty with rubber. Oval type which can be fixed to floor using dynabolt is also available.

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